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Jamling LamaJamling Bhote is from Makalu region which is located at eastern part of Nepal. Jamling is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in running expeditions in these countries, where he has climbed many peaks including Mount Everest, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, Lhakpa Ri, Kwongde Shar, Pisang Peak, Chu Li West, Cho La Peak, Phapcherma Peak, Khangyache and Khagjung Ri.

He is a Himalaya Guide, Expedition Leader, Sirdar, Climbing Guide and Logistics Manager. His mountaineering and trekking trainings and qualifications were gained from NMA, NMIA, NNMGA Eco–Himal, KEEP, ENSA, NATHAM and PZS in Nepal and other countries.

Handled Clients of:

Singapore, Australia, USA, UK, India, Mexico. Switzerland, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc.


Mountaineering Records

  • Aspirant Guide

  • 7 times Mt. Everest summiter.

  • 2 times Mt. K2 summiter

  • 2 times Mt. Cho Oyu summiter.

Work Experience

Started in 1996,

Worked from porter to kitchen to climbing sherpa with Everest Summit with seven times.

Highly experienced, English speaking climber and Mountain guide, photographer, and


Specialist in successfully leading groups on 8000m+ peaks –

Nepal: Naya Kanga, Pisang Lobuche east, Lobuche real east ,Kongde sar ,Kongde Loh

,Kongde Nup .Kongde Nupla.Chola Tse Three times

Chulu West, Chulu East Chulu Far East, Thorong peak , Dhampuse peak,

Mardi Himal 2 times, succeded.

India: Stok Kangri, Kang Yache, Cham Sar, Lung Sar (6666m) succeded.

Tibet, Cho Oyu, Lakpari.

Pakistan, Mt. K2 untill 8200m (camp iV), In 2008 during biggest disaster for this


Seven times Everest summit & Two Times K2 Summit

  • Spring 2005 with Idian Air Force expedition from North side 11th may 2005.
  • Spring 2006 International expe,Cho Oyu 25th may succeded.
  • Spring 2007 IMG Everest exp, with Singaporean, Ang Yauchune, 23th may 2007.
  • October 2007 IMG Cho Oyu expe, with Singaporen Women exp, upto 8100m.
  • Spring 2008 IMG Everest exp, with chip poporviuse from 23th may 2008,
  • Spring 2008 Singaporean exp, climbed upto 8200m of K2, abandoned the expe following the huge avalanche that killed 11 climbers including Nepalese climbers.
  • Spring 2009 IMG Everest exp, with first Singaporean women exp, 22nd may 2009.
  • Spring 2010 IMG Everest exp, with Lein from Singapore 23rd may 2010.
  • Spring 2011 Project Himalayan exp. With Kenn from Singapore 27th may 2011.

The following mountaineering activities are held by myself after establishing the Ever Quest Expedition Pvt.Ltd. 

  • Spring 2012 Ama Dablam and Lobuche with Singaporean .
  • K2 successfully summited on 31st July 2012
  • Malaysia Felda Everest Expedition 100% success in 2013, All 7 members summited
  • Mera Peak Summited on 24th October, 2013.
  • Ama Dablam Expedition in December 2013 (Success)
  • Malysian UTM Everest Expedition 2014, Abandoned due to the Avalanche.
  • Singaporean K2 Expedtion 2014 June/July( Summitted on 27th July 014).
  • Team Singapora Cho Oyu Expedition 2014 August/Sept ( 3 out of 4 Succeeded)
  • Team Singpora Everest 2015 & Malaysian UTM Everest Exp 2015 ( Abandoned due to the avalanche following the devastating earthquake)

Training and Achievements

  1. Wilderness First Aid Course Conducted by KEEP.
  2. Trekking cook Conducted by RMTC.
  3. Trekking Guide Conducted by NATHAM.
  4. Interdictory Rock – Climbing Course conducted by NMIA.
  5. Basic Navigation Course Conducted by NMIA.
  6. Ice climbing, Basic two Conducted by, Khumbu Climbing School, in Thame.
  7. Trekking Leader Ship Course Conducted By KEEP.
  8. Ice Climbing Level one Conducted by NMIA, in Rolwaling.
  9. Rock Level one Course Conducted by NMIA, Kathmandu, Hati ban and Bimal Nagar.
  10. High Mountain Rescue Training, Conducted by NMIA, in Langtang.
  11. Acted as a client during the UIGM Guide’s Final Exams for the Mountaineering Activities in Rolwaling Himalayan Range for the period of 1 month in the year 2011, January.
  12. Received Basic Navigation Course, conducted by NMIA, in the summer of 2011.
  13. January 2013: Aspirant Guide Course component one (Completed) location – Kathmandu, Bimal Nagar, Hattiban, Rolwalling
  14. June 7 to 23rd 2013: Aspirant Guide component two (Completed), location – Kathmandu, Hattiban
  15. Aspirant Guide Course Component Three completed on 24th August – 21st September 2013.

Next target

Preparing for the Final Exams of UIGM Guide to be held in the year 2016