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News from Base Camp

The members of Ever Quest 2018 Mansalu Expedition have safely reached Manaslu Base Camp (5,4160m).

update from Bimtang

Ever Quest 2018 Manaslu (8163m) Expedition team reached to Bimtang (3,660m)yesterday with good the group is heading to Samdo via Larke La pass (5,213m)which is widely believed to be one of the most dramatic passes crossing the Himalayas above sea level .its the most challenging untouched trekking trail in western Nepal.our support is always…

News from Bimtang

  From Left Duckchung Lama(guide), Temba Bhote(Climbing sherpa),Simon George(member),Asas Gurung(cook),Anandan Bala (member),Ridar Bhote(assistant cook) Ever Quest 2018 Manaslu Expedition team resting in Bhimtang (3,720m).          

News from Camp1

Ever Quest Expeditions Everest Team are heading to Camp 1 from Camp 2 today.

News from Base Camp

Everquest Expeditions Everest team has safely returned back from camp 1  . They are resting in base camp after their first rotation trip.

News From Base Camp

Ever Quest Expeditions team Damein Francois and guide Temba Bhote wiil be heading to camp 1(6100 meter) tomorrow on 19 April. They will staying their for a day as it is their first rotation trip.We wish for their safe trip.

Successful summit

we have been recently informed that our Everest team had submitted Island Peak 6189 m successfully on 11 April 2018 along with Mr.damian Francois and guide Nosang Bhote. now they are at Lobuche Hotel and tomorrow they will reach to Everest Base Camp.  

Ever Quest Everest Expeditions team has reached to Lobuche  (4949 m) with good health and today they are heading towards base camp.

News From Namchee

Ever  Quest  Everest Expeditions members Mr Damien Francois along with his guide Nosang bhote has reached to Namchee (3,440 m) and rest of the staff already reached to Everest Base camp.Sardar (Temba bhote), Head cook (Aashman gurung ), assitant cook (Ridhar bhote) .